Ground Cover

Hinch Plant offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor set-dressing services, and we’ve specialised in temporary and permanent ground cover solutions for over 25 years. Wood mulch, gravel, sand, turf, concrete, real and replica cobbles… you name it, we lay it.

We work closely with the set designers and art departments to bring their ideas, storyboards and concept art to life. Whether it’s a modern-day or period production, we can always provide the required look and whatever materials or expertise that are needed to achieve it.

We’ve gained a good reputation for our quick-thinking and innovative solutions, so our highly skilled team are often called upon for specialist tasks or any on-the-spot modifications that might be necessary.



Respect is a vital part of our process. Coming from an agricultural background we know how to care for each location and we’re always sure to preserve the natural state of the land we work on. We know how to consult with the land-owners and local councils, so they stay happy and production can keep rolling.

And at the end of the day…

We always see the job through until the site is back to its original shape.

Consultancy & Material Samples


Hinch Plant’s founder, Andrew, is always available to offer specialist advice, address any issues you might have and assess the most economical quotes. If it’s over the phone, via email or in person, Andrew inspires confidence from the first meeting, so whatever you need, he has you covered down to the last detail.

Clean-Up Process

Whether it’s private land, an empty field or a world heritage site, we respect and care for every location we work on. Everything is checked thoroughly, from top to bottom, before we call it a day.

We restore the entire area to It’s original state by using a broom and good old fashioned elbow grease to clean all the nooks and crannies that our machines can’t reach. 

We don’t settle for ‘that’ll do’, and we do our best to leave the area in a better condition than when we found it. No mess, no trace, no fuss.


Material Samples

We provide specially blended samples in a variety of materials, so the production crew can get the perfect covering solution to achieve the ideal look. 

All of our materials are fully graded, eco-friendly and suited to the location area. We always work closely with the land owners to ensure we don’t introduce foreign substances that may damage the natural environment, so production isn’t slowed down.


Faux Cobble Flooring

We’re always developing practical techniques to better suit each brief, and our innovative approach has helped us to keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing industry. We’ve pioneered our very own low-dust faux-cobble mats.

Designed and developed by Ed Hinch, our unique cobble mats are made from a specially blended polymer and are quickly becoming an essential part of our ground-cover inventory.

The reusable roll-up mats save on space and are easy to lay, connecting like a jigsaw for any length the shot requires. They are equally effective on close-ups and long-shots and look so realistic that you can’t see the difference on camera.

They’re lightweight, economical and quick to cover, so they’re gentle on the surrounding environment. They’re even easy to clean, so they also save on time.

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